Average US Rate On 30-year Mortgage Rises To 3.80 Percent


Home-Price-Expectation-fbsharecashbuyersWASHINGTON (AP) — Average long-term U.S. mortgage rates have edged up for a third straight week while remaining near their historically low levels reached in May 2013.

Mortgage company Freddie Mac said Thursday the nationwide average for a 30-year mortgage rose to 3.80 percent from 3.76 percent last week.

The rate for the 15-year loan, a popular choice for people who are refinancing, ticked up to 3.07 percent from 3.05 percent last week.

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You Should Own Some Flagler Beach Real Estate


flagler beach real estateWhat used to be a small community of fishers and boatmen, Flagler Beach has grown to become a sophisticated community where you can live your own lifestyle. Nestled in Florida, between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, Flagler Beach has been consistently enticing property seekers and tourists. Flagler Beach real estate has much to offer to its future residents and businessmen. It remains its old charm and quaintness amidst the sophistication of city life. Along the graceful coastlines, you can find commercial buildings of subtle sophistication – restaurants, pubs, gift shops, supermarkets, among others.


The neighborhood community offers vacation homes as well as ready-to-occupy residences, newly-built or for lease. Equally fascinating are waterfront properties and resorts which have their own classic elegance. If you are thinking of relocating or putting up your business in Flagler Beach, get the assistance of Flagler Beach real estate agent. You will certainly enjoy your search for a Flagler Beach property.


Looking For Real Estate In Flagler Beach?


flaglerbeach6677Flagler beach located in the county of Flagler in the country of U.S. in the state of Florida. A beautiful place to plan a home. If you are looking out for property near or close by, Flagler beach real estate will surely help you get the best-budgeted properties. They will provide you with the list of properties with the data and the images.

They are many estate agencies that will help you with the required property. As they are the locals, they have much information about the locality and the area. There are many real estate organizations who will provide you best and leading entities of home purchasing services. You just have to tell them your requirement and they will search for the best accordingly.

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Flagler beach real estate offers you purchase as well as sale’s. The offer you from a variety of property range from condo to big deluxe cottages, economical homes. You can purchase a property with the help of good and reliable real estate agent and make your dream come true for a beach property.

A real estate agent is the best guide in regards to the property. They can provide a total information. You can go through the internet and search for a property of your choice. After you’re done with the choice of property, you can contact Flagler beach estate agent, and they would guide you with the details of the property.

Flagler beach has also been chosen for the best retirement place. If you wish to view the sunset and get a view of the oceans in your backyard, then you are at the right place. Flagler beach is close to Daytona beach. It is also known for historical collection dedicated to Florida. It has an abundance of wildlife. Dolphins can often be spotted in the ocean you can have a glimpse of the whales and sea turtles.


Palm Coast Will Optimize Its 50 Traffic Signals, But No: They Still Won’t Be Synchronized


traffic-signals-palm-coastPalm Coast Will Optimize Its 50 Traffic Signals, But No: They Still Won’t Be Synchronized | FlaglerLive

Palm Coast is about to optimize its 50 traffic signals. But don’t get too excited. Optimization is not synchronization. But once accomplished, the optimization will still make it more efficient and less frustrating for drivers to get through intersections.

Tuesday evening the Palm Coast City Council was expected to approve a $55,000 study by DRMP, an Orlando-based engineering firm that focuses on traffic signals, to analyze the city’s system and propose improvements. The actual improvements will cost more, but the city has budgeted $550,000 for traffic signal improvements in 2015. The city is hoping to have the project partially completed by the time the six-laning on Palm Coast Parkway is done: drivers will notice the changes along that road, which will be first to be optimized.

City Manager Jim Landon explained to the council last week why the study and the improvements were necessary—chiefly, to reduce wait times at individual intersections. But he was quick to caution against false expectations.

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Golfers Raise Money For Hospital


BUZZ-HALIFAX_GROUPGolfers raise money for hospital | Ormond Beach Observer

The Halifax Plantation Golf Association hosted the third annual golf tournament on Oct. 16 to benefit the Florida Hospital Pink Army.

This year, 88 men and women played in the Ormond Beach golf tournament, which raised nearly $4,000 for both Florida Hospital Flagler and Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center to help provide mammograms and other diagnostic procedures. Additionally, funds raised this year will also help support men with prostate cancer.

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After Equity Boom, Many Owners Still Stuck


Insurance-reform-floridaAfter Equity Boom, Many Owners Still Stuck

Home appreciation has slowed drastically since last year’s rapid rise, and for some home owners, prices just haven’t risen enough. That leaves many seriously underwater, owing more on their mortgage than their home is currently worth.

Indeed, 15 percent of all homes with a mortgage remain in negative equity territory—that is, owing at least 25 percent or more on their mortgage than the resale value of the home, according to RealtyTrac data. On average, underwater home owners have an outstanding balance of $375,000 or more on a $300,000 property, or average outstanding balance of $500,000 or more on a $400,000 house.

Home prices have been rising since the recovery began in 2012, but despite the inceases, 8.1 million homes remain seriously underwater. This means that many home owners remain mostly stuck, unable to sell their home or refinance it until prices rise even more.

The bulk of negative equity home owners are lumped in a few states, where home prices had fallen by some of the highest amounts during the housing crisis and therefore have some of the largest amounts to make…READ THE REST HERE


Get Your Monies Worth With Palm Coast Real Estate


buy-new-homePalm Coast is a beautiful coastal town located in Northwestern Floridian shore. As we all know the Sunshine State has always been a popular choice among all of us as far as housing is concerned. Who wouldn’t want to live in weather where one does not have to tolerate the harsh winter weather? The real estate in Palm Coast is one such prime example of a desirable property.

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Palm coast is the most populous town in Flagler County. The town has a natural geographic advantage. There are currents in the nearby ocean that act in a certain way so as to keep the hurricanes away from hitting this town. The town hasn’t witnessed a hurricane in the last 70 years! This means that there is a huge probability that your house will not be devastated by a roaring hurricane!

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There are different types of housing options available in Palm Coast. Right from condos to detached houses and townhouses, one can choose from a large variety of houses.


Experience Beautiful Ocean Views From Your Ponce Inlet Home


ponceinlet-realestatePonce Inlet Homes for sale is definitely the best vacation rental destination where you could come with your entire family and enjoy a great deal. There are hundreds of properties in the area, which are quite affordable in nature, and so you should reassure that you work hard and look out for some fine alternatives. Just by finding a reliable real estate agent, you will be able to locate the right Ponce Inlet Homes for sale, which have all the necessary amenities and services to please you.

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You could easily get an oceanfront view by purchase a nice holiday home that is available for sale. You must ensure that you do work hard and opt for the right alternatives so that you do not end up on the losing side. The long-term rental services will definitely help you in a big way so that you are able to talk to some of the experts who do know their work pretty well. If possible, you should consider talking to reputed professionals so that you are able to reside in Ponce Inlet homes for sale. It is of utmost importance to come across some of the finest options so that you are able to enjoy with your family!


Explore The Ultimate Luxurious Way Of Life


floridagolfhomesThere are a number of communities, which provides the kind of prosperity. It has come to be familiar at Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club. You do not require your vision to know what life it will be there on the beautiful beach city of Ormond Beach in Florida. Where a laid-back pace, year-round pleasant climate, and an economical way of living offer superb value.

With a many years of influence of being among the top-notch category, Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club persists to get superior. With more than partial of 3,600 acres still to be advanced, miles of clean natural elegance mix up with mature landscaping to offer the scenery for a bright array of comforts containing 45 dent of showdown golf, two full-utility clubhouses, ten tennis quads, breathtaking pool structure, nature lawns and miles of walking pathways. If you are considering settling in a center that deliberates urgent social life, affection, and togetherness, it is all resting for you at Plantation Bay. Compensate yourself with the way of living you deserve. Take the next gait and arrange a sighting tour so you can experience it by yourself the luxury of Plantation Bay Homes.


The Elegant and Sophisticated Condos In Daytona Beach Shores


daytonabeachshores7788For many people, living in Daytona Beach Shores is like a dream come true. If you belong to the same group, you have an excellent opportunity to realize the dream. Hundreds of elegant and sophisticated Daytona Beach Shores condos for sale will allow you to select your dream home that fits within your budget. Staring right at the vivid and unparalleled beauty of the majestic Atlantic Oceans, these shore condos are constructed using advanced technologies and best building practices.

Stuffed with most modern amenities, these condos offer a perfectly luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle. Things get even better during the peak vacation months. Tourists often look for renting shore condos and are willing to pay hefty rents to homeowners. You can earn without any effort! Owing one of these condos will give you access to the world of amazing watersports and unlimited surfing throughout the year.

Off season months offer a silent and peaceful environment when you can spend some quality time with your loved ones or just rediscovering yourself. For a change, you can drive to nearby Ormond Beach or Ponce Inlet, which are known for their mesmerizing natural beauty. Daytona Beach Shores is the gateway to paradise on earth. Come and experience it today!

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